How does the process work?
Read below for what to expect then click here to submit a request.

Consults are preferred for medium-large and/or sleeve-work clients. Same
day consults are given at appointments for the pre agreed designs/flash or smaller ideas.

***I DO NOT TAKE “JUST A CONSULT” I don’t give free time to clients -that
just want a drawing first or a price -who don’t want to read the information or FAQS given.

A consultation is a half hour appointment on a date 1-2 weeks prior your session. This is time for me to meet with you to go over the design goals and sleeve-work questions that can’t be answered via email. If you bring friends/spouse/etc., please don’t waste your time with me to inquire about their requests. I will sketch the design to a 50-75% completion. This helps
give you a visual that will become the finished design seen day of appointment. Pricing, hourly estimate and aftercare information will be giving in this appointment. I do not send out artwork or release my
artwork, all custom designs are drawn by me and tattooed by me.

Please be prepared for you tattoo sessions! Remaining balances must be paid day of session, so please be prompt **cash only** I do not give confirmation calls as I am a busy lady please be good with your reminders/calendar thanks!

What’s the deposit all about?

The deposit amount will be listed along with links for sending electronic payment easy to use via cell phone in the email response. Links to choose from; PayPal/Venmo ONLY. Your deposit will be deducted the day your tattoo has been completed, and will otherwise hold all of your appointment dates. Please reply to email response confirming the dates and times sent to you, and send payment-this will be the final step in booking! ALL

PRICING Questions?

$200 minimum
$200 per hour
Set prices for flash and one offs

CASH ONLY for remaining balance and payments at sessions. No ATM at the shop so please be prepared for your sessions. (Deposits can still be made with PayPal/Venmo) THANK  YOU

Cancellation and reschedule policy:

No-call and no-shows will forfeit their deposit on the spot and will be denied any future service on/after a 3 strike basis. There will be a $100 charge each time you no-call/no-show me, sorry not sorry.

To reschedule, you must give 72 hours notice prior to your appointment or you will otherwise forfeit the deposit. Deposits cover lost wages and time lost that could have gone to another client. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please email me you call the studio directly.

For all other questions concerning bookings email me