Getting home with your fresh tattoo and what to do

Same day/night – Initial care

**Only do this process after first removal of bandage on your fresh tattoo
**Remove bandage 1-3 hours after tattoo is completed.

Things you will need:
paper towels, 2 clean towels, running hot water and Castile soap(Dr. Bronners).

The Procedure will last 15-20 minutes.

With clean paper towels, warm water, and soap clean off all plasma and wetness by wiping firmly. Plasma is sticky and can be thick, so wipe in different directions.

  • Fill a clean sink with warm/hot water and soak towels one at a time.
  • Ring out the first towel as well as you can so it is not soaking wet.
  • Apply wet, hot towel to tattoo.
  • Do not agitate tattoo or scrub with towel. Simply cover fresh tattoo with warm/hot towel.
  • When towel becomes cool or room temperature, replace with second warm/hot fresh towel ringed out.

This process will draw out the blood and plasma from the tattoo to reduce healing time and scabbing. Do not repeat this procedure after the first night or for the duration of your aftercare.


Daily Aftercare: 2 week process

*Continue to use paper towels, hot water along with your soap for washing.

Hustle Butter will be your daily moisturizer after you’ve washed and dried your tattoo.

Wash and pat dry your tattoo.

Apply small amount of hustle butter thin and evenly to skin and rub in until absorbed.

Repeat these daily steps 3 times a day minimum.

No sunbathing, pools, ocean, lakes, etc for 2-3 weeks. Timed healing may vary.

**Proper use of sunblock after the tattoo is completed healed is suggested to best lasting benefits or fading will occur.**

Healing times vary to each person. For question regarding your healing process feel free to contact anytime day or night via email.