Carly G Tattoos


Est. 2020 – Female owned and operated.

This is a studio for the kind hearted & unique, art loving human.

A clean & happy place where all bodies are welcome to create, evolve and just be.

I submitted a request... So what’s next?

It may take a while for Carly to go through all new requests, please be patient.

If your request is accepted, you will receive an email with date and times, deposit instructions and more information. If Carly decides to take on your piece at this time, you will be required to put down a $150-300 NON REFUNDABLE deposit to secure your spot. Spots will be *HELD* for a maximum of 48hrs only before they are offered to the person next in line. Please refrain from sending a request if you are not ready to make a deposit at this time.

Carly’s pieces generally require a minimum of 1-2+ sessions as she works with a process to complete larger works either piece by piece or in layers. You will be expected to have an appointment 1-2 times a month until the piece is finished. Please make sure you are financially/calendar stable before committing to the project.

*You may not receive a response.* Please don’t be disappointed! This means your project was not selected for this round. Please make sure that your idea is in line with Carly’s current focus of style(s), as shown in her portfolio, and try again in a few months for next round of bookings. Please know that your request is highly appreciated and carefully considered.


Carly G Tattoos

Left Hand Society & Tattoo Collective

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